Voyageurs National Park Ranked 51st

Voyageurs National Park Ranked 51st

April 23, 2024 News News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

With it being National Parks week, Augie had the opportunity to talk to Mark Miller from Voyageurs National Park. Mr Miller was asked about his role at the Park which he explained couldn’t be narrowed down to just one job.

So how many parks in America are there? Well there’s a broad answer and a more specific answer.

Travel Lemming’s did a national parks ranking of the 63 capital P Parks based on an analysis of data scoring each park across seven factors: affordability, accessibility, biodiversity, crowds, reviews, jobs, and weather. Voyageurs would rank 51st in that ranking and Mark Miller had this to say on it. A ranking that was determined by numerous factors with Voyageurs losing overall points in the jobs category, with only 278 jobs across various industries linked to the park. The park holds the #45 slot in accessibility, due to the proximity of nearby airports in Hibbing and Minneapolis. Voyageurs had ranked #47 in weather which was calculated and ranked using a human comfort-based system. That included temperature, humidity, precipitation, and lightning strikes.

But Mark Miller had to mention all of the amazing things that Voyageurs offers.

And speaking of the Dark Skies, which is something that Travel Lemming’s had mentioned as a highlight…

Mark Miller then talks about the Park’s biodiversity, which Voyageurs ranks #29 in with 1387 species present or probably present in the park.

The climate at Voyageurs, as Mr. Miller states is a big reason for the park’s biodiversity situation which limits it’s diversity of specific types of animals.

So how many of the 63 Parks had he been to?

There’s some irony about his answer too.

So what are some events that are to be excited about coming up?

Some more exciting news in regards to the Visitors Center.

So be sure to make a trip over to Voyageurs National Park and check out their impressive Dark Skies and other sceneries.