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White Earth Natural Resources Discusses Concerns Over Next Proposed Riverview Dairy Facility Near Reservation Line

Mahnomen, MN — Roughly 6 months ago, Riverview LLP began operations on the 10,000 head Waukon Dairy facility east of Gary in Waukon Township, but plans are already in the works for an even bigger facility to the east on the border between Norman and Mahnomen County and the White Earth Tribe is now speaking…
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January 25, 2023 0

Tour of the High-Tech 10,000 Head Waukon Dairy Facility

Waukon Township, MN — This past week the Waukon Dairy, located along Highway 200 east of Gary and Twin Valley, invited R & J Broadcasting Inc for a tour of their new 10,500 head dairy facility. The dairy has been milking cows since June and was at full capacity a few months after that and…
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October 31, 2022 0

Waukon Dairy Officially Up and Running

Waukon, MN — The largest dairy in the county and one of the largest in the region is now up and running. The Waukon Dairy, a subsidiary of Riverview LLP, is now up and running and milking cows at their facility along Highway 200 northeast of Twin Valley. The Waukon Dairy began milking their first…
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July 12, 2022 0

Waukon Dairy Construction Update

Waukon, MN — Residents of Norman County and the surrounding communities have been curious on the progress of the new Riverview Dairy in Waukon Township. On Friday afternoon, Riverview Dairy – Waukon Location Site Manager Ron Visser stopped by the R & J Broadcasting studios to provide an update on the construction progress on the…
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May 16, 2022 0

Riverview Getting Ready to Ramp Up Construction Again this Spring for Waukon Dairy

Waukon Township, MN — Construction on the new 10,000 head dairy facility east of Gary in Waukon Township has slowed down during the winter months, but will ramp up again at full speed sometime in the next few weeks. Ron Visser of Riverview LLP, the parent company of the Waukon Dairy, will be one of…
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March 2, 2022 0

Waukon Dairy Construction on Track; Structures Taking Shape

Waukon, MN — Progress continues to be made on the Waukon Dairy construction site southeast of Gary, MN. Motorists driving along Highway 200 approximately 5 miles east of Highway 32 can now see the massive barn and other structures starting to take shape. Lyle Grimm, Construction Manager for the parent company Riverview, says the rain…
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August 31, 2021 0

Norman County to Update Comprehensive Plan; Waukon Dairy Leading to New Developments

Ada, MN — Lots of exciting new developments and investments at this last week’s Norman County Board of Commissioners meeting. At the meeting, the board approved a request from Garry Johanson of Planning and Zoning to move forward with a new County Comprehensive Plan. County Commissioner Lee Ann Hall says it’s been over 50 years…
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August 24, 2021 0

Ground Work Nearly Complete for Waukon Dairy

Waukon Township, MN — Thanks to a dry spring, progress continues to be made on the 10,500 head Waukon Dairy being built in Waukon township in northeastern Norman County. The groundwork for the facility, which will require 160 acres of concrete, is nearing completion and things will soon be ramping up on the next stages…
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June 29, 2021 0

Two Major Ag Projects Getting Underway in Norman County

Ada, MN — More than $100 million dollars is going to be invested over the next year and half through just two projects in Norman County: the Barrick Family Farms Swine Facility and the Waukon Dairy. Norman County Environmental Services Director Garry Johanson provided an update on the two major projects on the KRJB Kaleidoscope…
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February 19, 2021 0

Twin Valley City Council News & Notes from February 8th Meeting

Twin Valley, MN — The Twin Valley City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Monday night, February 8th. At the meeting the council addressed a nuisance complaint in regards to a property owner who had several unlicensed and not running vehicles in their backlot. Twin Valley Mayor Ben Fall says they hope to work…
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February 9, 2021 0