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Clearwater County Sheriff Reminds Anglers to be Cautious on Thin Ice

Bagley, MN — As soon as the local lakes start freezing up, anglers will have the itch to be the first on the hardwater for ice fishing. Clearwater County Sheriff Darren Halvorson joined the KKCQ Food for Thought Program to remind anglers about the dangers of early ice. He notes that ice thickness varies especially…
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November 16, 2022 0

Polk County Sheriff Preaching Safety Ahead of Firearms Deer Season

Fosston, MN — Polk County Sheriff Jim Tadman preached safety to fellow hunters while on the KKCQ Food for Thought Program this week. Proper handling of firearms can never be stressed enough. Tadman reminds hunters to treat every gun as if it’s loaded, know your target and what’s beyond, and don’t put your finger on…
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November 4, 2022 0

DNR Enforcement Officers Asks Hunters to Practice Safety & Know the Rules Ahead of Firearms Deer Season

Bemidji, MN — With many hunting seasons underway, and about 400,000 hunters set to converge on the state’s fields and woods for the Nov. 5 firearms deer opener, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters there’s no such thing as a successful hunt if it isn’t safe. Done right, hunting is an exceptionally safe…
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November 2, 2022 0

Halloween Safety Reminders

Ada, MN — Halloween is intended to be a fun and spooky occasion for youth and adults, but the last thing it needs to be is tragic. The Ada Police Department is asking young trick or treaters to always be careful when crossing streets and entering traffic. Police Chief Hager notes that some responsibility also…
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October 31, 2022 0

Be Patient & Share the Roads as Beet Harvest Gets Underway

Ada, MN — While the opening date for the sugar beet harvest has been delayed, when it does get rolling motorists can expect busy roadways with increased truck traffic. All the increased activity will mean more calls into the Norman County Sheriff’s Office. Norman County Sheriff Jeremy Thornton says generally during the sugarbeet season they…
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September 30, 2022 0

Ada Police to Have Increased Presence Around School

Ada, MN — With school returning to session next week, the Ada Police Department is asking motorists to be extra cautious and follow the rules of the road around town and specifically around the school. Interim Ada Police Chief Steve Hagar says they consistently have had issues with people not coming to a full stop…
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August 30, 2022 0

With Harvest Starting, Ada Police Say Pay Attention, Slow Down, and Drive Defensively

Ada, MN — As the fall harvest ramps up, the Ada Police Department is asking everyone to slow down, pay attention, and share the roadways. Interim Police Chief Steve Hager says the number of accidents typically increases during fall harvest and that’s due to a number of factors, including lack of attentiveness, speed, and just…
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August 25, 2022 0

ATV safety

ADA, MN—The weather is still nice enough for people to drive ATV’s.  Minnesota DNR Conservation Officer Tom Hutchins has some safety reminders. Hutchins also reminds you to not ride on private property without the owner’s permission.

August 8, 2022 0

Legal and Safety Reminders for Fireworks Users

Ada, MN — As much of a staple fireworks are during our 4th of July celebrations, this is your annual reminder that almost all of them are not legal in the state of Minnesota. Essentially anything that explodes or goes in the air, including bottle rockets, firecrackers, roman candles, and other consume grade fireworks is…
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July 1, 2022 0

Local Public Safety Officials Encourages Both Teens and Adults to Make Smart Decisions this Memorial Day Weekend

Ada, MN — With graduations, vacations, and trips to the lakes, the Memorial Day weekend has become the unfortunate kickoff to the 100 deadliest days on Minnesota roads. It’s no wonder public safety officials are strongly encouraging everyone to make smart decisions and avoid drinking and driving.  For teens who may be celebrating that special…
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May 27, 2022 0